Data centers

Data centers

Data center, processing, colocation, cloud services and satellite technology.

We provide the foundation of the digital economy across Europe.
Since 2018 our founders operate data center services and technical infrastructure in different countries and regions. Our infrastructure allows partners to offer all kinds of services 24/7/365 to end-users in a highly secured, efficiently cooled, powerful, eco-friendly environment, with access to 100% green power energy.

We recently cooperate with European Space Agency (ESA) and European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) with the headquarters in Prague, Czech republic.

 European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) with the headquarters in Prague, Czech republic.
In February 2024 we have signed a new agreement with AXA TECHNOLOGY ® to provide high-performance computing for Microsoft Azure RTOS (Real Time Operating System) optimized for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


We operate and develope data center services, satellite and technical infrastructure in following regions: Czech republic (Prague, Brno region), Slovakia (Bratislava region), Norway (Trøndelag and Nordland region) and USA (Miami, Fort Lauderdale). With our clients coming mostly from Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Swiss and USA – private SME segment, municipalities and government institutions.

Modular Data Center
containerized (ISO) and pre-engineered site-assembled

The functional “modules” of a containerized approach consist of an outer enclosure housing the IT servers, the cooling plant, or the power systems (i.e. transformer substation, distribution box, UPS, PDUs, etc). All of these functions consolidate in an “all in one” configuration.

The modules we use come in various standards and custom sizes but most commonly high cube 20 feet ISO container. The units often may be ganged together or stacked (like “Lego-blocks”), placed outside on a concrete pad or mounted interior on skids within shell or warehouse space. They come pre-wired with conduit distributed within the insulated enclosure panels, and mechanical air devices and ducts within the
plenum, including DC power systems and distribution box.
Our containerized solutions do not accommodate administrative “people spaces”. All administration is conducted in nearby premises. All remote and software management is done by our on-site and off-site team, including our IT suppliers.

A typical IT functional module normally holds between 16 to 19 IT racks in a single row running either down the center (with cold aisle and hot aisle on either side) or else along one side (providing a wider “cold” aisle) on a subfloor plenum. Power capacity limitations are usually 630A (430 kW) in a single container.